Friday, June 22, 2007


Today I saw Jesus in the face of a broken body. Amelia is 35 years old, but appears much older. She has been bed-ridden for the entire 8 months I have known her, and only recently has had strength enough to stand up and walk a bit. As I helped her to the car today to bring her to the hospital for tests, a teenage boy mocked her. Imagine! As Amelia hung her head in shame, I thought of how beautiful she is to God. Rotten teeth, failing limbs and all, she was created in the image of Most High God and I can see Him every time I look at her. In fact, I can imagine no one more beautiful! For that reason and many others, I am benefitting from our friendship far more than is Amelia. In 5 weeks I will be home after a year in Africa. But my life will never be the same. It's hard to remember exactly what I was expecting to do when I came here, but everything pales in comparison to the treasures I have received from the least of these... dear friends just like Amelia. God, may I never forget.

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