Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lua Cheia (Full Moon)

As I sat underneath the sky last night, I was delighted to discover that the stars were dancing. Whether it was a vibrant salsa or the slow melancholy of a waltz depends upon your unique perspective, and also your mood at the moment. For me it was somewhere in the middle, but that was not the point. I was just glad to see something keeping time to the music of heaven, celebrating what God has made through dance.

Nana (pictured below) is our nearest neighbor of only about 10 steps from our front door. A nurse for most of her life until failing health forced her to stop, Nana continues to live at the mission in her sweet round house. She cares for the sheep (our other neighbors) and mostly, she prays. This precious woman has taught us much about creation. She keeps us up to date on the coming of the full moon, and we recently (in May) enjoyed two full moons in one month! She knows that it will rain and tells us so, long before a single drop has even considered leaving its home in the cloud to refresh Mozambiquan soil. Sometimes we have the privilege of hearing from her exactly what types of birds are singing for us day and night whether we are listening or not.

It will be a full moon tonight... our last in Mozambique, at least for a while. I am excited about seeing it like a child on Christmas Eve who can hardly wait for dawn, and am already making plans to steal Sarah away for a walk underneath it. We won't need flashlights, because the moon will hold dusky brightness all night long. I suspect the stars will still be dancing.

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