Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Valiant Knights

God continues to provide little blessings when I need them the most. Last night we were invited out for dinner at the Beechers. They are a gorgeous family with two boys ages 4 and 6. There is something about Joseph and Kallum which makes me forget about everything else when I am with them. We quickly entered into a world of knights, castles, and dark dungeons... then transitioned into a unique version of follow the leader (dancing style) without pausing for breath. Superman and the police came onto the scene and before long I found myself the horse for two valiant riders. Sadly I think they discovered me to make more of an old and slow donkey than a blazing steed, but they kicked and "giddy-upped" with great gusto just the same. After dinner they shared their precious candies with me, and we entered the world of Richard Scarry as his pig family went on a picnic before giving lots of hugs and off to bed. With no other age group is it possible to visit so many worlds in only two hours! Wondrous imagination... I was so happy.

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