Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scrum, Drop Kick, Try... A Tribute to Rugby

I have always enjoyed both playing and watching sports. Maybe it comes from growing up with an older brother, boys for neighbors, and a competitive Dad. Or maybe I was just born with a love of game. At any rate, coming to Africa I lamented the loss of NFL, ESPN, and other matters of life and death.

A year ago I knew nothing of rugby, a crazy "he-man" sport beloved by most of the world, and especially critical to the life of most South Africans. During my first encounters with rugby I forced myself to suffer through the game, unwilling to enjoy a sport that was so clearly inferior to American football. But because of zeal shown by avid rugby fans all around me and my never ending love of game, my defenses began to crumble. With the influence of many Afrikaans friends and a little help from the internet, I have learned the finer points of rugby. Most Saturdays a group of us can be found in the living room of the only person on the mission with cable tv, eating popcorn and yelling for Percy to get his head in the game for crying out loud. Many times throughout each game I find myself wondering, how in the world do these guys drag themselves out of bed on Sunday morning? Then, as someone runs for a try, I forget about questioning and am just thankful that they do. I love it, and can hardly wait for the rugby world cup to start later this year.

I adore the fact that though God has brought me to Africa He is not unconcerned about little pleasures, and has chosen to indulge my love of game through Victor, Percy, Skulk, and the rest of the Springboks... I think He must smile at our delight in the little things.


MeginAfrica said...

And then Megan says to her boss "...wait, did that guys shorts just get pulled down or...oh...ummm...nevermind"

Adamma said...

Good words.