Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nigeria Dreamin'... Photos of Literacy School, Kano

Dave (in white shirt) is the program director of Kano Mercy Initiative. He is assisted by Dan (in blue and white) and Dan's wife, "Princess" (not her real name). They are passionate about what they do, and ready to move forward!

Kano is located in the Sahara desert. In spite of that, agriculture is still the primary means of livelihood.
Faces tell a million stories!

Kano is 92% Muslim, and was my first experience in a Muslim-dominated society. I enjoyed Kano very much and am excited to see what happens here in the future, as home-based care begins and volunteers from different religions serve their neighbor...

A group of women who have just completed 3 months at a brand-new literacy program one hour outside of Kano. The program was started by local pastors, who also serve as the teachers. Hands at Work is now partnering with them to assist in any way possible. We very much want to replicate this program other places in Africa, as it is so valuable. Who can underestimate the importance of being able to read! One woman gave a testimony of being a new believer who can now read God's Word. Awesome!!!

A Nigerian beauty. You can see the tribal markings on her face. Many places in Nigeria babies are still given this marks shortly after birth. Each tribe has a different set of marks which distinguish them from each other.

Children at the literacy school standing in front of their new toilet facility. A new well has also just been completed, and is a great tool in building relationships with local village leaders. Everyone needs water!

Children who attend primary school as their mothers attend the literacy school. There is a great need for schools in this area, particularly for children of Christians, as they are often kept out of public schools.

This tells the story of our time in Nigeria! Lynn and Levy, the two comedians... being their funny selves and leaving me in stitches. In this photo we are back in South Africa and have just finished sharing with the Hands at Work family about our time in Nigeria.
**I had intended to put up a variety of all of the Nigeria photos, so started at the end of the trip and was working up. But I got a tad carried away at the literacy school and have run out of time!! Lagos photos coming soon:)...

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