Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Watermelon and Good Friends

Technology is amazing. Today I had my first real Skype experience and was totally blown away! I could see friends in South Africa and they could see me and we could talk. All for FREE!! What a sweet deal.

I had the perfect small town experience in the grocery store last week. My intention was a quick in and out for milk and watermelon, but I had forgotten that "quick" doesn't happen at Econo Foods. Why?! Because a person is sure to run into at least one if not several friends or acquaintances somewhere between produce and check-out. As I pulled my cart up to the watermelon display, I was greeted by two gentleman from my church who work at the store. The resulting conversation led us into a detailed description of how to "pick out a good one". After pressing on the ends of several watermelons and knocking on most of them, I had learned quite a lot! Feeling confident with my choice and delighted with the conversation we had just had, I pressed on. Arriving at check-out with my carefully selected watermelon and more hurredly chosen milk, I wasn't incredibly far behind schedule. The jolly older gentleman behind the check-out counter immediately struck up a conversation. He wanted to know what I was up to on that particular day and I filled him in. Then he said, "do you have time for a joke?" Of course there is ALWAYS time for a joke. He continued, "I just asked you if you swiped your card, right?" "Right." I said, gearing up for the punch line. "Now I am going to ask you, where did you swipe it from?" Haha:-D, I love that, and grabbed my bags with a grin on my face. A few steps later I was in another conversation, this one taking place next to the softener salt between check-out and the parking lot. Then I was on my way! You really can't beat that. It reminded me of Africa... where time is always secondary to conversations.

Today Sarah-Ki and I went on a picnic. It was my second since being home (the other one last week with my mom), and every time I go on one I think that there is altogether not enough picnic-ing going on in the world. In Mozambique I have GREAT memories of picnics, especially the last one before saying goodbye. Today was another goodie! After living an intense year of life together, Sarah is one with which I can pour out the depths of my heart and she is ever gracious and understanding with what is found there. She is truly a precious, precious friend!!

Rachel and I nearly got pedicures this afternoon, considering the awful condition of our feet. Marathon training has not been good to them (as you can see in this disturbing foot photo). But still I could not justify parting with the 30 bucks, and we opted for coffee instead.

Emma is moving to Omaha tomorrow to spend two years getting her Masters degree in social work:(.

I am very sad about this, but HAPPY that she is coming to Josh and Sarah's wedding this weekend so we have more time together! My family flies out in the morning for a lovely weekend in Texas. I've never seen two people quite so excited to get married as Josh and Sarah! That's the way it should be. 4 days and counting...

I have just started posting pictures on and will continue to update in the future (it's much easier than putting them on here)!

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