Sunday, September 09, 2007

J&S Hitchin' Highlights

Today was perfect. Actually, the entire weekend was perfect! During the ceremony the presence of God was like a blanket draped over the area. There was beauty everywhere we looked. Tonight I have the blessing of knowing I have gained a sister and lifelong friend in Sarah Perry Hardie. If I could have specifically chosen and put together a woman for my brother, I could never have conjured up someone as perfect as Sarah. The more I see her and talk with her, the more I love her. I love her genuineness, her quiet humor, and her humility. I especially love the way she makes my brother come alive. More than one person commented that they have never seen such a delighted groom. Truly I think they are the same person in different genders. Josh had told me they were similar, but really... how alike they are is uncanny! I love it. As an added bonus, Sarah's family is AWESOME!!! I don't really want to leave Texas tomorrow because I've had such fun spending time with them. Sarah is the oldest of 7 children, and they are all fabulous.

Here are a few of the highlights from the weekend that stand out in my mind...

The flight down in our Cherokee 6... it was great quality time, even though it was about 110 degrees in the plane and bouncy the whole way. It reminded us of driving in Mozambique:).

Meeting the Perry's (Rick, Holly, Chelsea, Keith, Rachel, Jonathon, Matt, and Mercy) and Sarah's pet snake, Isabel. I even held the crazy reptile! We watched it eat a mouse and it was very 'Discovery Channel'.

Getting manicures and pedicures with the girls. The guy who did mine was from Vietnam and LOVED the fact that I know people who have been there. He did an awesome job, although I'm positive he was scared of my black toe...

Hearing Sarah tell the "Ilene" joke. It's going to be all over Texas! Also just seeing how committed Sarah is to Josh, and Josh to Sarah. Their marriage is going to be a continual testimony of God's grace.

Waking up this morning, having Emma stretch out and say... "I want to go EVERYWHERE with you!" haha, perfect!!!

Sitting with my brother this morning right before the ceremony, praying together and crying because God has done something so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Holding the prettiest flower bouquet I have ever seen... cally lilies and orchids from Singapore!!

Tears, tears, tears... my job was to provide the emotion and I followed through:).


We are leaving early in the morning to fly home and prepare for their ND reception next weekend! I'm hoping this flight will be cooler and smoother than the last one...

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