Sunday, August 26, 2007


The fam celebrating Josh's birthday! Well, all except my dad who is the cameraman. Two or or three faces may be unfamiliar as part of the Hardie clan. Seated next to my brother is his fiancee, Sarah. Two more weeks! To my right is Chelsea, Sarah's sister. She was here for a week with Sarah and we all worked on painting their house. What a fun time! The guy standing is Joel, our adopted brother. He is in high school and working on the farm for the summer. I love this kid!! First of all, he laughs at my jokes... all of them. And it's never a pity laugh either (which is rare). He also is polite, fun to be around, compliments the chef, and helps with the dishes! Not to mention having a zeal for life. This afternoon we were outside lighting fireworks and just laughing. What a great guy! He can definitely stay.

Celebrating Josh and Rachel's engagement with Brad!

Good choice buddy, you better not look.

The first bridal magazine...

This is just too cute. Please notice Brad's choice of champagne glass:)...

"Informal" engagement partay with the correct groom this time.

Rachel introduced me to American Idol (aka Karaoke Revolution) on PS2. I had NO idea there was such a game, and was completely delighted with it. Simon Cowell thought we were the best he'd ever seen... especially Rach with her dance moves. YEAH!!!

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d.henry said...

Whoa, you guys are having entirely too much fun...seriously. What a rockous party!
That's what life on the road is gonna be like! j/k...sort of.