Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mother of the Groom

Isn't my mumsy gorgeous?!? We had such an enjoyable day together yesterday. Since she is the mother of the groom, she must be outfitted appropriately!!! Dress shopping led to lunch, then a parting of directions so that I could go to the bookstore and wound up sitting on a couch talking and people watching with my BFFE Emma... the best sighting was a gentleman in a big rush leaving a trail of tator tots, Hansel and Gretel style, behind him. He will find his way out of the mall with no trouble. Then my mom and I went to meet with a good friend of ours. Nancy and her husband and three children live in Central Asia, and she and the kids are in Fargo for three weeks. Her husband is an engineer and she is a teacher, and mentored me for two years during college. It was a total gift to me that she was home right at this time. Nancy is fascinating and full of life and depth. Her beauty is radiant and she is one of those people who will never grow old. Those who ooze with love never do, it seems, and love is Nancy's heartbeat. What treasure!! By the time we made it home I was exhausted, and climbed onto Nina's top bunk bed (the double on the bottom is far too overwhelming... who needs all of that space?!?) with a mug of tea, my nearly life-size Care Bear named Mimi, and my favorite purchase of the day... Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich". There will be many more thoughts on this one once it is finished.

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