Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Way of Jesus

I am fully engrossed with this year's election. Why? Perhaps it is because the race is close and the candidates intriguing. Or perhaps it is because this is the first election in which I have thought more deeply about why I should vote this way or that. By glancing at where I live and go to church one could easily assume that I fall into the category of conservative evangelical voter. There are basically two issues which stereotypically concern such voters, but things are changing and I welcome the change. I no longer want to vote immediately for the "obvious" candidate without prayerfully considering which candidate walks most closely in line with the way of Jesus. As Americans and believers in Christ it is often difficult to tell which is a higher priority in our lives. Are we first followers of Christ? Often I think we claim that because it sounds better, but the reality is that our status as "Americans" is truly on top of the list.

If we want to follow Christ first, we must look at the things HE valued and the issues with which HE was concerned. If we look in the Bible we see that poverty and oppression of the weak tops the list. What are we doing to combat these things? Do we care about orphans? Do we care about the sick and the widow? We must. Even if the country in which we reside cares little, WE must care. Jesus also cared about peace. Certainly in the Scriptures we find God destroying nations that didn't fear Him. But can we take it upon ourselves to decide who those nations are and what we want to do to them. Can America safely play God and get away with it?

This morning while getting ready for work I had CNN Sunday morning on in the background. I was delighted to see the face of Brian Maclaren bringing a fresh (and I felt, quite accurate) perspective to the "Faith and Politics" section. The anchor was more than a little surprised to hear Maclaren's view on what issues matter most in this election to the evangelical community. I was very exciting to see. Maclaren, along with Jim Wallis, Sojourners, and several good friends have been influential in encouraging me to really think about my political views. My head hurts from thinking too much, but it feels amazing.

I have yet to decide how I will vote in November. There is so much more I want to learn about the candidates! However, I do know with full confidence that there is NO candidate who can fix everything. If we are placing our hope in any man or woman, we will only be sorely disappointed time and time again. Our hope is in Christ! So while I very much enjoy the debates and varied viewpoints surrounding this election I find great joy in knowing that... The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1


Sam Snyder said...

I'm curious about what you're political thoughts are now. In response to your previous post: what Grad school? For what?
Also wondering if you're coming down to Wahp this Monday.

andrew j. ulasich said...

good word Ginna. I'm still keeping up with u.s. politics from this side of the world. it's important to remember where our true hope lies.