Monday, February 25, 2008

I Saw God Today

The radio in my car is frequently tuned to a local country station, where this afternoon I heard George Strait exclaiming that he saw God today. He sings about being in the hospital with his wife as she delivers their baby. He goes outside for a while and sees a flower bravely poking its head through a crack in the sidewalk. He goes on to ponder that while he "goes to church and reads the Book"... he knows that God is present but isn't actively watching for Him. I am that way sometimes. Miraculous, tiny lives consume my days. It's "work", yet so far from it... God is there and showing Himself, yet I don't take time to marvel and praise Him often enough. A few days ago I planted some herbs in five little pots and placed them on my windowsill. I have been eagerly watering them and hoping that they will grow. How does that happen? God creates such amazing stuff!! My idea of "creation" is putting a lasagna together and being happy about how delicious it is:). So with a little encouragement from Mr. Strait, tomorrow I am going to actively LOOK for God. Who would ever have expected to be challenged by tuning in Froggy 99.9?!

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