Friday, January 09, 2009

Too Much Cuteness

These are Steve's nieces and nephews. They are off the charts!!!!

Kenzie is 7 months old and is definitely an angel baby.

Caden is 2 1/2 and proudly showing off his Christmas sweater.

This is Nathaniel who is brand new as of Thanksgiving! In this picture he was scowling because he was gassy. I'm not sure what my excuse was... perhaps the same??

Autumn is quite the character! In addition to many other games, this talented 4-year-old trounced me in Wii bowling. I mean, it wasn't even CLOSE! Yikes.

Autumn LOVES her Uncle Steve. Because of that I managed to find favor in her eyes also:).

This is totally unrelated to Christmas and Steve's nieces and nephews, but it's a fun photo and I'm very excited about my new home in the mountains of Colorado!

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