Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If You Love Someone, Tell 'Em!

Recently I received a friendly reminder from my aunt that I am really slacking with the 'ol blog. It's not that I don't enjoy writing on here, it's just that *blush*... I enjoy spending time with a certain someone a whole lot more. But today I am done with work early and ready to get back in the groove.

It probably doesn't need to be said that Valentines Day was last Saturday. Everyone knows when it comes and everyone reacts differently... either very positive or very negative. My personal V-day motto is that you can never go "too overboard". People need to hear that they are loved. I certainly do! Some say it's a holiday invented by Hallmark. I don't believe there is factual evidence to back up that claim, but even if it's true I wouldn't mind. It's a great day regardless. I did a little digging this year and discovered that a primary reason for the cynicism is that most people view Valentines Day as a strictly romantic holiday. I found this information astonishing, because for me it has rarely, and I mean RARELY, been that. But since childhood I remember fondly getting chocolate "I HEART U" letters in the mail from my Aunt Kirsten and giving cards with candy to all of my classmates. One year in high school I had a basketball game, and my dad had a teammate put a beautiful card in my gym bag which I got after the game. I cried. In college my brother and I would spend Valentines Day together and it was always a great time. One year my dad brought me so many roses that I tried to trim them several at a time and nearly chopped my finger off. What an amazing man! It has never even been the gifts that made me feel so cared for, but the thought behind them. I love Valentines Day. Just typing about it I'm already excited for next year.

But that's jumping way ahead. This Valentines Day was the best ever (sorry dad)! The night before Steve and I got a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murpheys. Honestly it wasn't the best tasting pizza ever made, but the shape completely made up for that. On Saturday we played "Valentine Scrabble", which was our own rendition of Scrabble with bonus points awarded for love-related words. Then I went home to get dressed up and Steve made an amazing dinner and the BEST homemade cheesecake I've ever had. And I'm not just saying that! It was white chocolate raspberry, my favorite. Then we went to see one of our favorite comedians, Brian Reagan, and finished the evening by fonduing with friends and playing cards. Here are some pics!

As for what else is new, I started helping Steve out on Sunday mornings with his preschool class. This past week it was just the two of us and seventeen 3-year-olds. We both agreed that 17 is too many, but we all had fun. At one point I had 3 kids on my lap and I looked down to see a little boy with his messy finger at my eye level saying "I have a boogey!" Priceless. Steve was quite a trooper trying to get them to settle down so he could tell a Bible story! Next month Steve has a softball league starting and I will hopefully get to play sometimes as a sub. I really like batting but the outfield is... a different story. So Steve has been teaching me how to throw not quite so pathetically "girly", and I think real progress is being made! Tomorrow we are starting ballroom dance lessons!!! Guess whose idea that was, tee hee hee? I am SO EXCITED.

My new job is awesome. I'll have to post something about that soon!


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Kyle and Melissa Hardie said...

Thanks for the update! We've been checking and WAITING for one :) Glad to hear all is well, and hopefully we'll talk soon!

Kyle and Mel :)