Saturday, June 07, 2008


Look closely at my Sarah-ki's left hand. Is that... could it be... maybe... YES!!!! This woman who I have shared incomparable amounts of time with... we have had our fingers up each other's noses (long story), shared wardrobes, slept side by side on a single mattress under a mosquito net, chased bugs with frying pans, laughed, cried, and everything in between. There are times when I think we share the same heart beat. And now, I have to give her to another!! Fortunately, Justin is amazing. He even took me ring shopping with him!!! Smart man. September 13th is the big day! I can't write too much about this one... it's such a strange mix of unbelievable joy and deep pain at needing to let Sarah take this next step without me. I can't experience this with her and that, for me, is hard. But I rejoice at this blessing from God! I have been praying for Sarah's future husband for a very long time, and am glad that he is (finally) here:).

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